The OULALA etendus

Multilingual - Frenchy - Fun

The OULALA etendus is a very high energy show. In the show Sylvain mixes different juggling skills, like balls, diabolos and a giant unicycle. Not only has he a high technical circus skill, but also Sylvain creates with the public a joyful atmosphere where everybody can enjoy and be a part of it. It will turn the public into a crazy crowd cheering and saying « OULALA » together.

Technical requirement :

  • This show requires a hard flat surface and at least a 6m x 10m area to perform all the tricks.
  • No electricity supply needed
  • Act duration : 25 to 50 minutes
  • Internationnal

    Shows performed in 4 languages
    Fr, Ger, En, Est.
  • Reliable

    I will perform in any weather
  • Flexible

    Quick set up – Quick take down
  • Entertaining

    Even your grandma will like it!

Promo video 2020



One of the most reliable buskers I’ve ever worked with.Małgosia Węglarz, Busker Bus Festival organizer |


I laughed and simply enjoyed the show. It hasn’t happened to me for a long time.Chris Blaze, Street performer |


First time I see a Frenchy speaking hindi, it was hilarious. varun jain