Tallinn – Credit : Tarmo Müürsepp

Sylvain was born in France. After he graduated his engineer diploma, he choose that office work was not the life he wanted. So he move to an unknown country : Estonia ! (If you don’t know where is Estonia, It is alright ! He didn’t know himself before he moved)

Sylvain is now a world wide street performer who has amazed the crowd in more than 25 country and 3 continents able to make the best of any situation. He already won 2 AWARDS with his show the OULALA. And it is only the beginning !

Promo video 2020



One of the most reliable buskers I’ve ever worked with.Małgosia Węglarz, Busker Bus Festival organizer


I laughed and simply enjoyed the show. It hasn’t happened to me for a long time.Chris Blaze, Street performer | http://www.fractafire.com/


First time I see a frenchy speaking HindiVarun jain

2015 Tour : 3 Countries, 5 Festival
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Busker Bus (Poland)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
  • European Juggling convention (Italie)
2016 Tour : 3 Countries, 8 Festivals + 1 springboard
  • Winner of “La couveuse” (France)
  • Arsenal keskus opening (Estonia)
  • Corporate christmas Parties (Estonia)
  • Kalamaja paevad (Estonia)
  • Telliskivi autovaba päev (Estonia)
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Haapsalu Maitse alle (Estonia)
  • Parnu street food festival (Estonia)
  • Busker Bus (Poland)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
2017 Tour : 4 Countries, 10 Festivals
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
  • Fête de L’europe (France)
  • Festival de quartier st Pavin (France)
  • Marché des jeunes créateurs (France)
  • Tallinn Busker tour (Estonia)
  • Pepsi Jarve festival (Estonia)
  • Kuressare merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Boom Chika Wau Wau (Estonia)
  • European Juggling convention (Poland)
2018 Tour : 3 continents, 7 Festivals & 1 award + 1 big top Tour (6 months)
  • Winter Tour (6 months) with circus Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • Le Mans fait son Cirque (France)
  • ReRiga Festival (Latvia) WINNER New baltic Talent
  • Riga old towns Days (latvia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
  • Mood indigo Festival (India)
  • TechFest (India)
2019 Tour : 8 Countries, 16 Festivals + 1 AWARD
  • LuLu Mall New Year festival (Kochi, India)
  • Saarang Lost cities (Chennai, India)
  • FlowMad (Cambodia)
  • Fête de l’Europe (Le Mans, France)
  • Kalamaja Paëvad (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Seven Hills (Rezekne, Latvia)
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia & Latvia)
  • Kiel Artist (Kiel, Germany)
  • Juras Svetki Liepaja (Liepaja, Latvia)
  • Kuressare Merepaevad (Kuressare, Estonia)
  • Riga Old Towns Days (Riga, Latvia)
  • Summer Fire Jam (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Uue Mailma Festival (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • German Unity (Kiel, Germany)
  • WAVE (Portugal)
  • Street Circus Festival (Kuala Lampur & Johor, Malaysia) WINNER
  • Iskarnival (Johor, Malaysia)