Sylvain was born in France. After he graduated his engineer diploma, he choose that office work was not the life he wanted. So he move to an unknown country : Estonia !

Very quickly he fall in love with the country and stayed there for already 5 years. He developed his street show by performing in the town square every single day. Then he got into festivals in Estonia and around the world.

Sylvain is now a world wide street performer who has amazed the crowd in more than 25 countries and 3 continents. able to make the best of any situation. He doesn’t need electricity or special requirement. Just get him a empty square, and have no doubt he will fill it with a massive smily audience full of awe and sparkles in their eyes regardless of their age, gender, cultural background and religion.


Sylvain POMME was on Estonian national TV for the show « Radaar ».

Previous Festivals

2015 Tour : 3 Countries, 5 Festival
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Busker Bus (Poland)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
  • European Juggling convention (Italie)
2016 Tour : 3 Countries, 8 Festivals + 1 springboard
  • Winner of “La couveuse” (France)
  • Arsenal keskus opening (Estonia)
  • Corporate christmas Parties (Estonia)
  • Kalamaja paevad (Estonia)
  • Telliskivi autovaba päev (Estonia)
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Haapsalu Maitse alle (Estonia)
  • Parnu street food festival (Estonia)
  • Busker Bus (Poland)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
2017 Tour : 4 Countries, 10 Festivals
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
  • Fête de L’europe (France)
  • Festival de quartier st Pavin (France)
  • Marché des jeunes créateurs (France)
  • Tallinn Busker tour (Estonia)
  • Pepsi Jarve festival (Estonia)
  • Kuressare merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Boom Chika Wau Wau (Estonia)
  • European Juggling convention (Poland)
2018 Tour : 3 continents, 7 Festivals & 1 award + 1 big top Tour (6 months)
  • Winter Tour (6 months) with circus Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • Le Mans fait son Cirque (France)
  • ReRiga Festival (Latvia) WINNER New baltic Talent
  • Riga old towns Days (latvia)
  • Tallinn merepaevad (Estonia)
  • Uue Mailma (Estonia)
  • Mood indigo Festival (India)
  • TechFest (India)
2019 Tour : 8 Countries, 17 Festivals + 1 AWARD
  • LuLu Mall New Year festival (Kochi, India)
  • Saarang Lost cities (Chennai, India)
  • FlowMad (Cambodia)
  • Fête de l’Europe (Le Mans, France)
  • Kalamaja Paëvad (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Seven Hills (Rezekne, Latvia)
  • Tadaa festival (Estonia & Latvia)
  • Kiel Artist (Kiel, Germany)
  • Juras Svetki Liepaja (Liepaja, Latvia)
  • Kuressare Merepaevad (Kuressare, Estonia)
  • Riga Old Towns Days (Riga, Latvia)
  • Summer Fire Jam (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Uue Mailma Festival (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • German Unity (Kiel, Germany)
  • WAVE (Portugal)
  • Street Circus Festival (Kuala Lampur & Johor, Malaysia) WINNER
  • Iskarnival (Johor, Malaysia)
  • Sagadi öö (sagadi, Estonia)
2020 Tour : 11 festivals booked + lots more to come !
  • Medicine circus show (Pai, Thailand)
  • Kiara Bay Chinese new year (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia)
  • Incident Festival (Mangalore, India)
  • Pragyan (Trichy, India) – Canceled due to COV-19
  • Dhwani (Kerala, India) – Canceled due to COV-19
  • Kalamaja päevad (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Tallinn Merepäevad (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • European Juggling convention (Hanko, Finland)
  • BuskerBus Festival (Wroclaw, Poland)
  • Norden Festival (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
  • Waves (Lisbon, Portugal)

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