The OULALA is a multilingual comedy STREET SHOW celebrating cultural diversity


The OULALA is a very high energy show. In the show Sylvain mixes different juggling skills, like balls, diabolos and a giant unicycle. Not only has he a high technical circus skill, but also Sylvain creates with the public a joyful atmosphere where everybody can enjoy and be a part of it. It will turn the public into a crazy crowd cheering and saying « OULALA » together.


During the show you will witness with amazement :
  • Unique contortion funny face that is beyond human possibilities
  • A routine with one and two diabolos that would blown away even the best juggler in the world
  • A charisma and sense of humour which never left any
  • A lots of OULALA as always love a bit of the french Class
  • Volunteers participation in a new original and kind way to leave every audience member with a smile
  • Stunt on the top of a 3 meters high unicycle with a WOW EFFECT guarantee
  • A Frenchy speaking English, German, Spanish, Estonia, Polish and many other European language *I know : It sounds impossible to witness a french speaking any foreign language* 
India, Saarang festival 2019 – credit : Varunvj

Promo video 2020 – Produced by DREAMDUO FILM

Apparition in Media

Double page in
the biggest new paper in Estonia
õhtuleht 24 nov 2017
TV show Radaar
passing at 8pm  on Kanal2
the national Estonian channel
Facebook Fan page
with over 1 200 LIKES