Before being a circus performer, Sylvain graduated with a bachelor in 3D-modelling and engineering science. His pleasure is to use all his knowledge to make props for social projects or his own show. Here are some of the creations he has made.

Home made juggling equipment

During our years of collaboration in social projects, Sylvain learned how to make a variety of juggling equipment with recovered material. Juggling club, Russian balls, lasso, devil stick, fire equipment… Those are only some of the props, he can create some with you during an event.

Homemade balls – credit : Anton
SypoBox – credit : Sylvain POMME


Sypobox is a handmade creation made for the street show « the OULALA etendus ». It is an octogonal suitcase with lights and speakers which reacts when the public put coins or bills in the case.

Sypo Speaker

With the box, we also handicrafted our own speaker tailored for street performance. And with the same design as PotiBox.

SypoSpeaker – Credit : Sylvain POMME
The LED club Project – Credit : Sylvain POMME

The LED club project

This is the upcoming project of Sypocircus. We won the youth talented springboard « la couveuse » with this project. The goal is to make a set of juggling clubs with programmable LEDs that would be set to perform a light choreography synchronized with a music track. You can already see the first prototype of this project.

News coming soon.