I can't make you life better, but jam can do it !

I was wondering “How can I make people smile, if it’s not by doing show ?”

And the second, things that make me happy is food. So I got into it and made about 350 pots of jam so people can eat the best jam in the world during the dark winter day.

I sell the 200 ml pots at 5 euro. So if you want to support my channel and get yourself a bit of sunshine during this winter, look for the flavor that suit you best and PM me for your order.

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Eesti masikad
5 €

Enjoy the taste of Estonian summer with The intense and simple taste of local raspberry.

Textur : liquid-jelly with seeds

Best with : Poridge, pancake, spread

5 €

You’re not too sweet ? Then is this for you
Pomegrenade jam is quite sour and with the typical texture due to the seeds. It can go with anything. 

Textur : jelly with crunchy seeds

Best with : Poridge, spread, Pancake

Pomegrenade - mango - apple
5 €

You can’t go to tropical country ?

I got Bali in a jar just for you.


Textur : jelly with melting mango pieces and crunchy pommegrenade seeds.

Best with : pancake, baguette.

Pomegrenade-mango apple
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Pear - ruhbarb - cannel
5 €

It looks like gold, but taste better.
Local pear and local ruhbarb, perfect taste of winter time around the fire with a cup of tee.


Textur : jelly with chewy rhubarb and melting pieces of pear -.

Best with : Poridge, spread, Pancake

Raspberry - Figue - apple
5 €

A delicate balance between the bitterness of raspberry and the softness of apple and figue. It feel like a stormy cloud cuddling your tong.


Textur : liquid with crunchy raspberry seeds.

Best with : pancake, Poridge.

Peach Figue apple
Ripe – Nectarine
Ripe - Nectarine
5 €

Simply my favorite !


Textur : Strong jelly with chewy nektarine pieces.

Best with : Pancake, baking.

Estonian Forest berry
5 €

You miss the Estonian forest during the summer ? Me too, that’s why I made this jam. Take a spoon, close your eyes, Enjoy…


Textur : Ideal ! with pieces of strawberry, rasberry and blueberry.

Best with : baguette, pancake, Poridge, croissant.

Estonian Berry
5 €

How many times have you try
mango jam in your life ? 


Textur : Jelly, melting, cuddling…

Best with : Anything !

Strawberry - abricots
5 €

I made it for Estonian people who eat porridge with jam. 


Textur : Perfect for porridge, Liquid with niece pieces of fruit.

Best with : Porridge or baguette

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Estonian strawberry
5 €

The strawberry jam of your dream exist !


Textur : I made 3 different set of strawberry jam. Tell me your favorite texture and I’ll deliver it.

Best with : Porridge, pancake, baguette, cake.

Cherry - ruhbarb
5 €

I made it for Estonian people who eat porridge with jam. 


Textur : Perfect for porridge, Liquid with niece pieces of fruit.

Best with : Porridge.

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Mango - pineapple - pomegrenade
5 €

The tropical sun is in this jar !


Textur : jelly with big pieces of pineapple

Best with : Porridge, pancake, baguette, cake.

Surprise du chef !
5 €

Do you like surprise ?


Textur : Ideal

Best with : Anything.

Astelpaju - Tee jam
5 €

Get an immune system boost during your winter. Put one spoon on this jam in your tee to boost your mood and your health !


Textur : Liquid with ploping berry

Best with : Put one spoon of jam in your hot water.

Mango - WaterMelon - Peanut butter
5 €

That’s for sure you’ve never tried ! 


Textur : Jelly

Best with : Pancake, baguette


Each pot was made with love by myself. I choose Estonian product for all the fruit that grow in Estonia.

If you want to get the best jam for yourself, contact me on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/SylvainOulala/